Simple Yet Meaningful Ways to Thank Your Staff During the Holiday Season

It’s been a difficult year, so it might seem like it’s been a long time coming, but the holiday season is finally around the corner. Your staff has endured a lot in the past year, so lift their spirits by doing something special to show your appreciation. 

No doubt, this holiday season will be unprecedented. Typically, the holidays are a time for coming together and celebrating, but there’s a good chance you won’t even see your staff in person the rest of the year. Thankfully, there’s plenty of ways to say thank you that don’t involve a holiday party or even a huge budget. 

Here are a few thoughtful and easy ways to make your employees feel valued during the most wonderful time of the year. 

Write a Thank You Note 

You have an amazing staff, so put pen to paper and let them know exactly how much they’re valued. Personalize the note with examples specific to them, so it feels truly genuine. This will give them a pick-me-up they almost certainly need after the chaos of 2020. Something special like this will likely be saved for years, and it will just cost you the price of a greeting card. 

Buy Them Lunch 

No, you’re probably not going out for a special holiday team lunch this year. However, you don’t have to do away with the tradition altogether. If your employees work from home, have lunch delivered to their door or send them some treats, and gather everyone together for a Zoom call to eat together. It’s obviously not the same as physically spending time in the same room, but it’s a great pandemic-friendly modification for this year.

Grant Extra Paid Time Off 

If business allows, send your office home a few hours early before the holidays. Those with young kids have likely been struggling to balance work and family life more than ever during the pandemic, so having a little more time off to catch their breath will be greatly appreciated. This will also be helpful for anyone traveling for the holidays or hosting family, as it will give them extra time to prepare.

Send a Personalized Gift  

Gifts don’t have to cost a fortune to be meaningful. Show employees how grateful you are to have them on the team by taking the time to select a gift just for them  i.e., don’t buy your entire staff the same thing. Receiving a gift tailored to their unique interests and personality will make people feel seen, which is appreciated more than ever right now. 

Donate to a Charity of Their Choice 

The stress and chaos of 2020 has made it more important than ever to give back. No doubt, your employees have charities especially close to their hearts, so let them choose a non-profit and make a donation. This will warm their hearts and make them feel grateful to work for an employer who cares. 

There’s no need to put hiring on pause until after the holiday season. To learn more about how we can help you find top behavioral health talent, contact us today at (513) 651-9500 or by email at 


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