PsychPros is a national staffing and recruiting company providing job placement services throughout the United States. We have established candidate pools in many locations, and specialize in finding candidates for others. Please contact us, and we can evaluate the available candidates in your specific area.

Our work is free unless we find the right candidate. You pay us only after you have hired a PsychPros candidate or one of our candidates starts work in your office. As a contingency recruiting and staffing firm, we incur all recruiting costs associated with filling your positions.

Our costs are some of the lowest in the staffing industry, and we will match any competitor’s cost for the following permanent, temporary and temp-to-hire positions.

  • With the placement of regular, full-time employees, the fee is a percentage of the employee’s first annual compensation.
  • With full-time and part-time temporary and temp-to-hire employees, our fee is added to the employees hourly wage, payroll taxes, worker’s compensation, and unemployment insurance (as other agencies do). We also cover malpractice insurance. If your temporary becomes permanent, we can provide a 90-day, temp-to-hire with no conversion fee, or a lower cost up front with a modest conversion fee.

We listen to your needs and your interpretation of the ideal candidate. We recruit for your position using both traditional and cutting-edge search technologies, and we present only qualified candidates for your review.

Learn more about our Select Process

You’ll work closely with a recruiter, who will keep you informed throughout the selection process.

For a temporary position, we may fill it immediately.

For a permanent position, it may take days or weeks, depending on the job.

The recruiter will screen and interview prospective candidates specifically for your position and will submit resumes for your review. Your recruiter will schedule and coordinate all of the telephone and face-to-face interviews you request.

As a hiring manager, you need to respond quickly. Only you can give us the feedback we need to make sure we are identifying the right candidates for you! If the “open” status of the position changes, if you like or dislike a candidate, or if you find a candidate on your own–tell us as soon as possible.

The easiest way? Fill out the Employer Request form. After receiving your email, we’ll give you a call during our office hours, 8:30am – 5:00pm EST Monday through Friday.

If you’re simply looking for information about PsychPros Inc., Contact Us.