Every behavioral health organization has unique needs. To select professionals who aren’t just qualified on paper–they’re the right fit for your unique culture of care–look to PsychPros. We have helped hundreds of companies find the ideal candidates through careful mental health recruiting, as well as recruiting for chemical dependency and social service jobs.

Most human resources departments–and even some behavioral health recruiting firms–can’t provide the specialization and state-of-the-art recruiting methods we use everyday. Our service gives you access to these methods, as well as a large national database of qualified candidates.

More About Recruiting

PsychPros Connects You With:

  • Over 200,000 job seekers nationwide
  • Recruiters who know your jobs as well as you do
  • Internet job boards and databases
  • Mailing lists of licensed professionals

Partner with us for all of your recruiting and staffing needs

  • Vacant positions
  • Newly-created jobs
  • Hard-to-fill jobs
  • Confidential searches
  • Executive positions
  • Expansion & downsizing help
  • Vacation/sick leaves
  • Holiday coverage
  • Interim staffing

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Executive Search & Direct Hires

To find top talent requires adept recruiters who analyze hundreds of resumes each year and can identify the nuances that make a great match between employer and employee. Our recruiters are sourcing and hiring experts, selecting and presenting only the finest candidates to our client companies.

Temp-to-Perm Assignments

Our clients love our candidates. In fact, the majority of our temp-to-hire candidates are hired on permanently by our clients. That’s because PsychPros takes such care to find employees who match your job description, salary limitations, and corporate culture.

Temporary Positions

Companies often need help during corporate expansion or downsizing, vacations, sick leaves, or to even out normal fluctuations in business cycles.