The people we recommend are the heart of our business. So you hire the people that serve you well, or we’ll make it right. The best way to get it right the first time is for our recruiters to work as a team with your hiring managers.

Executive Search & Direct Hires
We will replace the employee to your satisfaction.

Temporary Hires
Just say the word, and we will replace the candidate.

You have an extended period to evaluate the candidate before offering a permanent job. We will replace the worker upon request.

Gain peace of mind with a thorough hiring process


We call three work references (preferably supervisors) and obtain a written assessment for job candidates and employees we send to you. These references are provided for all direct hire and executive search job placements.

Background Checks

PsychPros includes national criminal background checks and drug screenings for all of our candidates. Other screenings may be completed upon request.

Credentials Verification

We verify that candidates are in good standing with state boards and educational institutions.

Malpractice Insurance

PsychPros’ temp and temp-to-hire employees are covered by $1/$3 million in general liability and professional malpractice insurance.