Privacy Statement

Because all of PsychPros’ recruiting staff has worked as behavioral healthcare providers, bound by codes of ethical conduct, we are deeply committed to preserving job seekers’ and businesses’ confidentiality and privacy while using our web site. This policy discloses how PsychTemp collects, protects, uses, and shares information gathered on our web site. We hope this disclosure will help increase your confidence in our services, while enhancing your Internet experience.

What types of information does PsychPros collect and how is it collected?

All Guests (job seekers and businesses) on our site are free to surf our web site anonymously, without submitting information that will identify you. We hope, though, that you value our services, and trust our integrity, so that you will feel free to register on our site. This information can include submitting a résumé, requesting our newsletters, contacting us for more information, or creating a candidate or company account. In compliance with Federal guidelines that ban age discrimination, we will not mandate that Guests submit birth date data, but may request it as optional data during user surveys to enhance our ability to provide content and information you would find useful. This can include helping advertisers on our site design material of potential interest to Guests using our site. Under such circumstances, though, PsychTemp would never combine personally identifiable information with demographic data.

How does PsychPros use personal information that has been collected?

Since a job candidate’s chances of achieving a successful job match are maximized by submitting a cover letter and résumé, we will use personal information submitted to assess your background and contact you regarding job matches. That information will be shared with a prospective employer, if and only if, PsychPros receives your authorization to do so. Under no circumstances will PsychTemp deliberately provide inaccurate or deceptive information. In the event PsychPros finds merchandise to offer for sale on its website that Guests might find of interest, we would use your personal information to process any orders placed. If you request help from PsychPros, we will use the information to contact you. You will only receive e-mails about our site updates or e-newsletters, if you request this information by registering on our site and explicitly specify that you wish to receive our emails. In that case, when we make significant modifications to our privacy policies affecting the use of personal information collected, we will notify users. We will not use information gathered from Guests prior to a significant change in policy without first obtaining their consent for revised or new uses. It is also possible that PsychPros may make non-significant changes to our privacy policies that will not affect our use of Guests’ personal information. In that case, such changes will be posted on our web site.

Does PsychPros share information with companies or other organizations not directly involved with its job listings?

Guests to our site are our most valued commodities. PsychPros cannot exist without the trust of employers and job candidates who visit our site. To this end, PsychPros does not disclose to other parties information from Guests who have registered on our site. Guests will never have to be concerned about being subjected to unwanted or intrusive marketing solicitations.

If PsychPros decides to add advertising to its site, we will clearly differentiate advertising from job postings and “advice” content. This will be accomplished by use of suitable identifying words, design, and/or placement. Our design will be created to prevent confusion between advertising and job-related content. In the event of promotional offers, rebates, and offers for free items or services, PsychPros will comply with existing federal and state laws regarding any promotions, rebates, and free or discounted offers posted to our website.

When third parties have access to personal information from our site, our agreements with these third parties will follow these principles in giving our Guests notice and choice involving said third party’s access and use. In any relationship with third parties, PsychPros will implement procedures to inform consumers if third parties have access to personal information about them from our site. PsychPros will not allow third parties access to non-personal individual information (e.g., aggregate data) collected on our site unless the third party agrees that it will not use the information to identify individuals.

Safeguarding Guests’ Privacy in Relationships with Third Parties

PsychPros’ web site is hosted by PsychPros, Inc. and has committed to never collect clandestine data that would compromise your trust in PsychPros.

Identifying Advertising and “Advice” Content Sponsored by Third Parties

If PsychPros finds a commercial sponsor of interest to Guests, we will clearly disclose significant relationships between said sponsor and our job seeker information content by identifying the sponsor’s involvement in the following domains:

  • selecting or preparing recruiting content shown on our site, including any sponsorship of priority listings in search engine results or other preferences in presentation of information to Guests; and
  • any “co-branding” of recruiting content or Internet job services, where applicable.

PsychPros will provide Guests with a policy that is easy to find, read and understand about our acceptance of advertising and recruiting sponsored by others. Our policy will disclose:

  • methods of labeling advertising and commercially sponsored recruiting content on PsychPros;
  • methods to obtain revenues from third parties involving advertising and recruiting content sponsored by others on our website. This includes possible advertising revenues, commissions received for consumer purchases, fees based on consumer use of hyperlinks to external web sites, and revenues for transfer or use of aggregate data about users;
  • if PsychPros decides to target advertising or sponsored job information and content to Guests using information about them or their use of our job site; and
  • whether consumer recommendations are proposed by providing links to others’ web sites, logos, or marks of other companies, or any co-branding.

PsychPros will not accept advertising or sponsored advice content that we know contains false or misleading claims, and/or promotes ineffective or lewd methodology.

PsychPros’ editorial policy requires that all material be easy for Guests to find, read, and understand, whether created by us or obtained from others. In terms of authorship and accountability, we have the following policy:

PsychPros will disclose any instances where we have posted job-related content on our site because of sponsorship (or other support) from a third party. In addition to identifying the sponsor, we will disclose significant relationships between the commercial sponsor and out content by identifying the sponsor’s involvement with that content.

Where we reproduce job-seeking content created by third parties, we will disclose the author and/or source of the material and the date of the material’s creation or its most recent update.

Where we provide job-seeking guidance as the result of clinical experience or scholarly research, we will clearly label the actual author(s) of this content.

Where we create recruiting content for use by our Guests, we will provide Guests with general information about our authors and their qualifications, and our editorial policy. This includes providing the date the material(s) were created and/or last updated. Consistent with our policy to provide full disclosure of conflicts of interest, we will note all affiliates and financial relationships of authors.

Professionalism: We believe that current codes of ethics apply when behavioral healthcare professionals use recruiting sites to provide or obtain job-seeking help. These codes, however, do not apply to every interaction between a Guest and a professional author in an online environment. Our site will provide salient and appropriate information for Guests to when that are and are not in an interaction with a behavioral healthcare professional that is covered by the ethical standards of the professionals we place. As needed, we will continue to evolve new standards of practice to meet changing needs and expectations created by Guests’ use of behavioral healthcare recruiting services on the Internet.

Qualifications of Advice Sources Endorsed on PsychPros:

  • We will provide the credentials and qualifications of persons responsible for advice posted on our web site. If applicable, professional licensure will also be noted.
  • We will disclose whether we verify information regarding professionals or others who provide service or information on our site.

Issues of Candor and Trustworthiness:

  • We will inform Guests of our site about the risks, responsibilities, and reasonable expectations associated with their use of our services. We will make sure that this information is easy for Guests to find, read, and understand.
  • We will strive to make it apparent to consumers when they leave our site to visit another, and when this departure changes the risks, responsibilities, and expectations associated with their activities.

Disclosure of Limitations:

PsychTemp is not a guarantee of employment and should be used as a part of a fully integrated employment search.

Does PsychPros offer security online?

PsychTemp will remain vigilant about preserving the safety and security of users and our site. In the event of security breaches, we will share user information to enable legal authorities to track down abusers attempting to compromise PsychPros’ web site and Guests. Similarly, PsychPros will divulge personal information as required by law (e.g., court orders or subpoena), to enforce our Terms of Service.