“It gives me great satisfaction to write a letter on behalf of PsychPros. Since 2007, our working relationship has helped ValueOptions to grow and be successful, and we continue to employ talent that PsychPros provides. Your recruiters are champion ambassadors for your organization! Your work with ValueOptions has been invaluable to us.”

Human Resources Director, ValueOptions, Connecticut

“Due to the nature of our business, we often have a need for mental health professionals, and we frequently rely on the top notch services provided by the PsychPros team to find exceptional candidates. We have used their services for several years and are very happy with their level of professionalism, dedication and excellent customer service. Thanks!”

Human Resources, American Red Cross, New York

“The psychologists and social workers from PsychPros demonstrate excellent clinical skills. In addition to their competence, they are productive, reliable and professional. It is with the highest regard that I recommend PsychPros.”

Clinical Operations Manager, Magellan Behavioral Health

“PsychPros has provided our organization with top-notch temporary and permanent hires for hard-to-recruit positions.our recruiters are always responsive, often returning phone calls and e-mails in the evenings, weekends and on holidays, when others would not ordinarily be available.sychPros can be counted on to assist rapidly and appropriately, and best of all, cheerfully! I highly recommend PsychPros to other organizations and to those seeking employment.”

Associate Director of Behavioral Health, Catholic Charities, New Jersey

“PsychPros understands the behavioral healthcare industry and takes great care in making a good corporate culture match. I would particularly like to emphasize the quickness of response and professional customer relations I have received from PsychPros. They always update me each step of the way, so I know exactly where we are in the recruiting process.”

Clinical Services Manager, Horizon Behavioral Health, Pennsylvania

“I appreciate the individual attention I’ve received from PsychPros…You can’t imagine how much time and energy you have saved me over the last few years. One phone call to PsychPros, and I have resumes, references, and a valuable new employee in a timely manner.”

Director, Clermont County TASC, Ohio

“PsychPros has been responsive to our medical staff recruitment needs. We have been challenged to recruit psychiatrists at times. I am confident that they are pursuing all avenues for me in the search process. I am happy to recommend this organization to anyone who needs rapid qualified professional staff.”

Medical Director, CORE Behavioral Health Centers

“Given the harsh work environment we offer, it is very difficult to obtain the required staffing to make our program a successful one. Your agency has been able to assist us in our hiring goals where other agencies have failed.”

Director Correctional Medical Services, Mt. Laurel, NJ

“Thank you for all of the exceptional work you did for us in obtaining a Medical Director who is a true asset to this organization.”

Interim Executive, Gateway Community Service Board, Georgia

“It was my great pleasure to work with PsychPros in finding a candidate for our Chief Financial Officer position this year. You provided us with a candidate who was a perfect fit in every way! Then, I found out you also place RNs, and you found us a perfect candidate within a very short time. Without a doubt, I highly recommend PsychPros and will not hesitate to call any time I have an open position.”

Human Resources Manager, Ridgeview Institute, Georgia

“The candidates and staff you have produced for us have been top-notch, and they have typically surpassed in quality those sourced through more traditional means. The PsychPros approach and responsiveness are superior to other outsourcing companies I have interacted with in my career. President Holly Dorna takes a hands-on approach and is eminently qualified. Lastly, their fees are better than competitive, and their results bring value to our organization.”

Chief Operating Officer, Venture Behavioral Health, Michigan

“As you are aware, finding candidates who are the “right fit” for any organization is a challenge. PsychPros has located and placed excellent candidates for Bridgeway Center, Inc., in both senior executive level positions and licensed direct service positions.”

Vice President of Employee Services, Bridgeway Center, Inc., Florida

“I have been extremely impressed with your range of recruiting expertise…you spend a lot of time understanding our business and matching the right type of candidates to our needs…PsychPros brings rigorous attention to detail on every project…allowing us to avail ourselves of the top caliber professionals in our field. I highly recommend PsychPros, Inc.”

Vice President, Gateway Community Health, Michigan

“How long have we been working with you, eighteen years now? It is particularly helpful that we can call you for any type of employee – clinical, administrative, and support personnel – we’ve had great success with the high quality personnel PsychPros secures for us.”

President, Talbert House, Ohio

“PsychPros referred only highly appropriate candidates to interview. We were impressed at how quickly their staff responded to our many calls and requests. I am convinced that outsourcing this function saved us considerable time and expense and produced more qualified candidates than handling the process internally.”

President, LifeWay Counseling Services, Ohio

“PsychPros recruiters are an important part of my administrative team. The need for professional staff has grown…you know my business so well…I have been impressed with the temporary candidates I’ve hired…I have other choices of temporary firms, but I’ve not had the need or desire to call them. Thank you for being a part of my team.”

Department Administrator, Kaiser Permanente, California