Do You Practice Self-Care at Work to Prevent Burnout?

Practicing self-care at work helps prevent burnout. You must care for yourself throughout the day so you can care for others.


Burnout can result from ongoing exposure to stress. This exposure can lead to anxiety, depression, alcohol or drug use, and other health concerns.


As a behavioral health professional, you help your patients recognize damaging thought patterns and behaviors, manage stress, and live healthier lives. As a result, you should be practicing what you teach others to maintain your own physical and mental wellness.


Implement these tips to practice self-care at work to prevent burnout.


Slow Down

Focus on moving through your day at a slower pace. Instead of rushing from one activity to the next, take a few moments for yourself. You might focus on your breathing or talk with a colleague or coworker who is on break.



Engage in breathing exercises to manage stress. Deep breathing with rhythmic counting tied to your breath can be done throughout the day to destress.


Remain Present

Focus on what is happening in the present. You cannot control what happened in the past or might happen in the future. Therefore, you should practice mindfulness and meditate to live in the moment.


Stay Rational

Recognize and replace irrational thoughts. Focus on grounding your thoughts to maintain self-care.


Be Flexible

Embrace the unexpected. Adapt to situations to reduce your stress level. Focus on finding solutions rather than problems.



Focus on how you feel throughout the day and when you need to take a break. Practice mindfulness, meditate, hold a yoga pose, or engage in another relaxing activity.


Engage in Healthy Habits

Eat healthy foods, drink enough water, exercise daily, and get adequate sleep. Your physical health is as important as your mental health.


Maintain Routines

Incorporate small activities into your daily practice. Examples include beginning the day by exercising and ending the day by drinking tea and enjoying a book before bedtime.


Emphasize Connections

Stay connected with colleagues, coworkers, family, and friends. Interact with the members of your social network to maintain support and reduce stress.


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