Is Your Behavioral Health Firm Suffering from Attrition?

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Levels of attrition are higher in the healthcare industry than most other fields, according to TinyPulse, a company that offers employee engagement solutions. Of course, if your behavioral health firm is suffering from this problem, you’re already well aware of the issue.

It’s hard to effectively treat patients when you’re constantly focused on hiring new employees, training them and getting them acclimated to life at your facility. Learn how to combat attrition once and for all so you have more time to concentrate on patient care.

Focus on Work-Life Balance

Most behavioral health professionals don’t expect to follow a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule, but that doesn’t mean they can work around the clock. In this field — and the healthcare industry in general — professionals are often spread too thin, which ultimately leads to burnout. Avoid this by hiring enough staffers to ensure each person has a manageable workload. You can’t expect someone to treat patients effectively if they’re constantly exhausted and overburdened.

Provide the Necessary Tools

It’s frustrating to want to help your patients, but not have the necessary resources to do so. Many behavioral health professionals quit their jobs because they feel unable to make a difference. You can’t be expected to provide unlimited funding, but do your best to make investing in regular staff training and new technology a priority. When you give employees the tools to really help their patients, they’ll feel inspired, engaged and committed to staying put.

Pay Competitive Salaries

As naturally compassionate people, behavioral health professionals don’t choose this field for the money. However, the salary they earn dictates their standard of living, so you need to pay them enough to live comfortably. Use data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to see how the wages you’re paying compare with similar employers in your area. If your compensation is below your competitors, it should be no surprise your attrition rates are high.

Do your best to pay people industry-average salaries or higher, but if you can’t, offer enticing perks instead. This can include anything from a generous amount of paid time off, to the ability to work from home on days they’re not seeing patients.

Hire the Right People

When hiring a new employee to join your team, skills fit isn’t the only thing that matters. Before anything, the candidate must have a personality that perfectly blends with your company culture. Someone might be your most promising candidate on paper, but if they don’t fit in with the team, they won’t last. Figure this out during the interview — instead of six months down the road — by asking behavioral interview questions and inviting multiple team members to be part of the interview process.

Having a high level of attrition is frustrating, but you can turn it around if you’re willing to make some changes. To learn more about how we can help you find top behavioral health talent, contact us today at (513) 651-9500 or by email at

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