Will Your New Hire Move Up?

Most companies hire people with the expectation that they’ll continue to succeed and move up within the organization — in other words, employees with bright careers ahead of them. Regardless of the positions you’re hiring for, you want to place top talent with a lot of potential, so they’ll become great assets to the company.

But how do you know whether a new hire will grow, or stagnate? When considering a candidate’s potential, the best practice is to look beyond general descriptions like “motivated self-starter” and consider those qualified candidates who make the best cultural fit with your organization.

Here are some characteristic indicators that a new hire is bound for success with your company.

Passion and positivity

People who love what they do are far more likely to succeed than those who are in it for the paycheck. Productivity is inextricably linked to happiness and job satisfaction — if you’re not enjoying the job, you won’t be giving your best efforts.

In fact, a positive attitude and a love of the industry often make a better new hire than someone who has all the right skills and qualifications, but isn’t excited about the job. Enthusiasm and drive should be top of your list of sought-after qualities in a new hire or job candidate.

A real team player

While “team player” might be an overused buzzword for job descriptions, it’s still an essential quality for a successful new hire. You’re likely to find a great match for your workplace culture in someone who’s a strong communicator, enjoys collaborating with others, and is motivated by getting things done rather than taking credit for things that get done.

Professionalism, effective communication, and a willingness to collaborate can translate into a highly successful new hire, on both internal and external company fronts. Look for candidates who demonstrate good teamwork, and show that they can articulate thoughts and ideas in ways others can easily understand.

The ability to adapt

Flexibility is a key trait for success. Things change in the business world all the time, and new hires who can adapt and think on their feet are poised to move up. Ideally, the best candidates view change as an opportunity, and are able to solve problems and overcome challenges without frustration or resistance to new systems, different ideas, and changing processes or objectives.

Risk-takers with an owner mindset

In business, often the only way to succeed is through calculated risks. If a new hire is risk-adverse or unwilling to take chances, it’s likely they won’t experience any growth beyond their current position. Risk-takers with a controlled stance on taking action — when the results aren’t guaranteed — can be innovative, great at solving problems, and an asset to any team.

Along with calculated risk, having an “owner” mindset can indicate that a new hire will go far with your company. While people with employee mindsets are content to simply perform the functions of their job, those with owner mindsets always have the bigger picture in mind. Their actions are guided by the best interests of the company, and how they can contribute to the organization’s overall success in a meaningful way.

By focusing on the characteristics that allow candidates to work within your business culture, you can hire top talent who will make a difference in your company for years to come. To learn more about how we can help you find top behavioral health talent, contact us today at (513) 651-9500 or by email at info@psychpros.com.

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