Why You Should Look Into a Teletherapy Position

There’s a good chance you’ve been practicing teletherapy on a temporary basis, due to COVID-19. If it’s working out, and you’re enjoying it, you might want to consider making the switch a permanent one. The pandemic will likely make this form of therapy even more popular, as people realize they can get the care they need from anywhere.  

Sure, not having to go into the office is great, but working remotely also offers plenty of other benefits. Here’s a look at what you have to gain by making teletherapy part of your future. 

Greater Reach 

When you work out of an office location, your patient base is limited. Most people aren’t willing to drive too far out of their way for therapy, so you’ll likely be exclusively treating people who live or work within a few miles of your practice. Helping local patients is great, but teletherapy allows you to expand your reach.  

You can continue working with your local community, but you’ll also be able to work with patients across the globe. This will allow you to have a greater impact because you can help people in rural areas with limited local therapy options and those who felt too uncomfortable coming into a traditional practice. 

Increased Flexibility 

Balancing a personal life with a traditional therapy job can be a challenge. Teletherapy makes it easier to do it all, because you’re able to create your own schedule. Meet with patients early in the morning, late at night, or anywhere it betweenit’s entirely up to you.  

This flexibility will allow you to take your kids to school, enjoy a midday yoga class, and be home for dinner each night. You’ll feel much more satisfied with your career because it won’t keep you from having a full personal life. 

More Convenient 

One of the best things about teletherapy is you only need your device and an internet connection to treat patients. This gives you the ability to work from anywhere, which can be life-changing.  

Travel the world, while continuing to meet with patients or visit family without having to take time off work. When you’re not tethered to an officebut still able to work and earn a paycheckyou’re can really make your life your own. Enjoy living your best life, while helping patients do the same. 

Higher Earning Potential 

There are only so many hours in a traditional workday, which can make it hard to increase your pay. Whether you’re trying to earn extra cash for a vacation or want a salary bump, practicing telehealth can make this easier.  

If you’re willing to work non-traditional hours, your appointment slots will likely fill up fast, because many people need to fit therapy around their own workday. There’s also a better chance patients will show up, because they can meet with you from anywhere.

Teletherapy is the way of the future, so now is the time to make the switch. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you find your next behavioral health position, contact us today at (513) 651-9500 or by email at info@psychpros.com.

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