What Should Your Thank-You Note Include?

You’ve just finished interviewing for a job you’re really excited about. It might seem like the ball is now in the hiring manager’s court, but your work isn’t done just yet. Before the waiting game begins, you need to write a post-interview thank-you note.

Timing is crucial, as you want the note to be received before a final decision is made, so it needs to be written and sent no later than one day after the interview. In most cases, sending an email thank-you note is perfectly acceptable. However, if the company is notably traditional, it’s probably best to send a handwritten note, as this will further highlight your cultural fit.

Follow these tips to craft a well-written thank-you note that will boost your candidacy.

Express Gratitude

An interviewer is a busy person who took time out of their day to meet with you. Show appreciation by thanking them for spending time with you. This shows respect and a healthy level of humility. No one wants to hire a candidate with an ego, so your appreciative attitude will work in your favor.They’ll be impressed by your humble attitude and notable self-awareness.

Reiterate Your Fit for the Position

Selling yourself as the best person for the job is one of the primary reasons for sending a thank-you note. No doubt, the interviewer is meeting with several other qualified candidates, so this is your chance to really drive your fit home. Remind them of a qualification or a common bond the two of you discovered during the interview. This will serve the dual purpose of making sure this memory is attached to the correct person — i.e., you — and effectively explaining why you should be the last candidate standing.

Highlight Any Points You Forgot to Make          

A job interview can be a very nerve-wracking experience. When you’re in the hot seat, sometimes your mind goes blank and forgets main points you wanted to emphasize. This will cause you to kick yourself as soon as you leave the interview, because you feel like you didn’t perform as well as you hoped.

Essentially, a thank-you note is your second chance to make these points, so take advantage of it. Weaving a key item or two into your note can boost your candidacy, but make sure it’s done in a natural-sounding manner.

Show Enthusiasm For the Next Steps

Employers want to hire candidates who are genuinely excited about the opportunity. Make it clear you’re hoping to proceed to the next step of the interview process, by mentioning this in your closing statement. Tell the interviewer you’re looking forward to hearing from them soon and make itclear you’re ready and willing to answer any follow-up questions they have. Include your contact information, so they don’t have to search for it if they need to get in touch.

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