What Are The Risks Of Leaving Critical Positions Open Too Long

When you have an open position on your behavioral health team, you take your time to fill it right. This makes sense, because choosing the wrong person can be costly in many ways. However, leaving the job open too long can also be problematic.

The median time to hire for healthcare positions is 40 days, according to a study conducted by LinkedIn. If it takes you notably longer than this to fill a job, it’s time to speed the process up. Proceeding with caution is good, but what you don’t realize is moving too slowly can also be detrimental to your team. Here’s a look at some of the top risks of leaving a critical position vacant longer than necessary.

3 Risk You Can Better Avoid If You Stay Fully Staffed

Customer Service Will Take a Hit

Your team has a certain number of behavioral health positions for a reason. When fully staffed, each person has a busy workload, so something has to give when key positions are left open. Existing employees will try their best to take on extra responsibilities, but there’s only so much they can do in a day.

Therefore, customer service will likely suffer, because there’s simply not enough employees on staff to provide the level of care patients are accustomed to. People might be willing to let this slide once or twice, but if it continues long-term, they’ll seek care elsewhere.

Your Bottom Line Will Suffer

When you’re short-staffed, the number of patients your facility can treat declines. This means you won’t be able to generate the kind of profits you’re used to. Plus, as noted above, existing patients may opt to leave if they feel the level of care they’re receiving has declined.

If you’re not able to generate enough revenue to maintain business as usual, you might be forced to eliminate certain amenities that make your facility comfortable and unique. Ultimately, these changes can cause you to lose even more patients, leading to further issues.

Your Competitors Will Get Top Talent

The best and brightest behavioral health professionals want to work at your company, but they won’t wait around forever. If your interview process is notably slow, you’ll lose your top choices to your competitors. People searching for a new job want to get hired relatively quickly. They won’t hesitate to go with the first great offer they receive, so you have to get to them first.

If hiring new employees is taking too long at your company, PsychPros wants to help. We’re committed to finding the right fit for your team, and we’ll do it in no time at all.

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Looking For Employees? Psych Pros Can Help!

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