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Planning Your Professional References

Starting a search for a new job is exciting. Congratulations on your new adventure! By now, you’ve already decided what you’re looking for in your next position, polished your cover letter and resume, and started attending more networking events to boost your contacts. You’re off to a great start, but one thing you probably haven’t […]

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Why Are You The Best Candidate?

Finding the right person for the job isn’t easy, so hiring managers have to ask a lot of tough questions during the interview process. It’s always a bit awkward to explain why you’re the best choice for a position, but if you’re not confident enough to clearly articulate your abilities, no one is going to […]

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Job Searching for the Culture You Want

Many people mistakenly believe the job search is only about finding a position that’s a match for your skills and interests, but company culture is equally important. If the practices and values of the organization don’t align with your own, you’ll be polishing your resume again in no time at all. Company culture dictates a […]

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