Selection Process

Selection Process

Mental Health RecruitersWith PsychPros, you get a thorough screening process you won’t find anywhere else.


Qualifying Candidates

PsychPros prescreens candidates, verifying their education, experience, and credentials. We evaluate their motivation to work, work schedule preferences, and the salary or hourly rate they desire. If the prescreen looks good, we interview the candidate.


Interviewing is both an art and science, and PsychPros recruiters excel at interviewing. We adhere to behavioral-based interviewing, emphasizing what the candidate has previously done, accomplished, or achieved. Interviews are thorough and complete. Interviews may be conducted in person or by phone. We’ve found that our success rate is equally good with both interviewing methods. What’s important is asking the right questions.

Corporate Culture Match

We do our level best to match candidates to the corporate environment of our client companies. Proof we have succeeded: PsychPros has a “Preferred Vendor” status with many behavioral healthcare companies across the United States.

Candidate Rankings

To ensure quality, PsychPros recruiters fill out an objective rating scale on each candidate they interview. This ranking process covers specific job knowledge, previous accomplishments, skill level, interpersonal style, work ethic, and attitude. The rating becomes part of the candidate’s profile and is evaluated along with the resume and references.

Human Resources Functions

Scheduling (is easy): To facilitate the hiring process, PsychPros provides:

Coordination of all appointments for 1st and 2nd interviews

Salary negotiations with candidates, making offers and counteroffers

Arrangements needed for travel and relocation of candidates

Payroll (is on us): For temporary and temp-to-hire assignments, PsychPros is the employer of record and handles all payroll functions, including collection of time sheets and payment of withholding taxes. Liability for Unemployment and Workers Compensation insurance hits our bottom line, not yours – which saves you money!

Employee Relations (are a breeze): When you hire a temporary worker through PsychPros, we take the unpleasant side of human resources out of your hands. We hire and fire our workers, coach employees on performance, and replace workers at your request – with or without an explanation. Just call if there is a problem.

Let us help you create a great workforce that generates consistent revenues for your organization!



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