Security & Guarantee

Security & Guarantee

We don’t want you to just take our word for it.

When we recommend a candidate or send an employee to work for you, you can rest assured we’ve conducted a thorough hiring process.


We personally call three work references, preferably supervisors, for our job candidates and employees we send to your work site. We obtain a thorough written assessment from these individuals. These references are provided to you for all direct hire and executive search job placements. For temporary and temp-to-hire placements, references remain in the candidate’s credentials file at PsychPros. You can ask to see them at any time!

Background Checks

PsychPros provides criminal and motor vehicles background checks on our candidates, free of charge. Drug testing, physical exams, FBI screening, CPR certification, immunizations, and other specialized services can also be provided – whatever your organization requires is what we do.

Credentials Verification

Credential verification is a part of the service you get from PsychPros. We verify that candidates are in good standing with state boards and educational institutions.

Malpractice Insurance

PsychPros’ temp and temp-to-hire employees are covered by $1/$3 million in general liability and professional malpractice insurance.

Safe Employment Practices

When you choose a PsychPros temp or temp-to-hire employee, they are properly classified according to IRS and DOL guidelines. Some vendors misclassify employees as “independent contractors,” putting your organization at risk for co-employment liability, including back taxes, penalties, and interest. PsychPros wants to reduce your headaches, not increase them!

PsychPros’ Guarantee
We take your confidence in our services very seriously. That’s why we offer one of the best guarantees in our industry.


Executive Search & Direct Hires: We will replace the employee to your satisfaction.

Temporary: Say the word, and we will replace the candidate. No hassle, no problem.

Temp-to-hire: You have an extended period to evaluate the candidate before offering a permanent job. Try before you buy. As with temporary placements, we will replace the worker upon request.

Getting It Right from the Start: Our product is our people – the job candidates who come to work for you.

We address any performance problems you bring to our attention quickly and to your satisfaction. Since our business involves working with human beings, we find we obtain the best results for you when our recruiters work as a “team” with your hiring managers. Starting off right = staying right.


“Your recruiters have just the right touch and temperament for being trusted and skillful negotiators! Thank you for creating the link between our facility and our new Medical Director.”
Chief Operating Officer,
Bridgewell Hospital, Ohio



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