Retaining Top Talent is An Investment. Here Are Some Ways To Provide Excellence To Your Internal Customers (Your Staff!)

As a behavioral health provider, you’re focused on providing outstanding service to clients. This is essential, but you also need to take care of your staff. These professionals make your organization a success, so it’s important to invest in them and make them feel valued. Doing so will help them stay happy and fulfilled, increasing the chances of keeping them on your team for the long term.

Retaining top behavioral health talent requires more than just a few sporadic gestures of kindness. These people have their choice of employers, so you need to devote serious time, energy, and resources to ensure no other company will treat them better. Here’s a few ways to accomplish this.

Fully Paid Health Care Premiums

Offering employees outstanding health insurance coverage is an important, much-appreciated benefit. However, this is a rather standard perk, so take it up a notch by paying the cost of their monthly premiums. This will make employees feel valued, because it shows your commitment to their well-being and that of their family. They’ll also appreciate the extra money in their paycheck, from not having to pay premiums.

Generous Paid Time Off

People need time away from work to relax and recharge. Offering a minimum of two weeks’ paid vacation days per year, along with at least a few sick days and paid major holidays — if employees tend to work on these days, they may need floating holidays — will give people ample opportunity to enjoy a full personal life.

Student Loan Assistance

Many behavioral health professionals spend years in school training for their jobs. Consequently, they join the workforce with a heavy student loan burden that can take decades to pay off on their own. Gain a competitive edge on other employers by helping people repay their student loans. To protect your investment, you can require employees to stay with the company for a certain period of time after receiving this perk.

Regular Learning Opportunities

The best and brightest behavioral health professionals have a thirst for knowledge. These people are constantly searching for ways to learn and grow, so help them accomplish this by offering regular continuing education opportunities. This might involve bringing trainers into your facility, sending employees to conferences, or funding online courses. Investing in your team will make them feel valued, motivating them to work their hardest.

Room to Grow on Your Team

They’re happy in their jobs right now, but top talent is going places. Therefore, you can’t expect them to stay with an employer that doesn’t offer growth potential. Let them know they’re part of your company’s long-term plan by working with them to carve out their next steps with your organization. If you don’t currently have a place for a valued employee to move into, create a position, because they’re worth it.

Looking For Top Behavioral Health Professionals?

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“After searching for an individual on our own for over a year, PsychPros not only found us a qualified candidate, but handled all aspects of the recruitment process with that person, from start to finish. Our experience with PsychPros was excellent in filling this vacancy on our management team. I would recommend PsychPros to any organization seeking qualified, responsive, and professional recruiters.”

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