Prepare Your Team for Success in 2021 With These 3 Tips

No doubt about it, this has been a very strange year. The COVID-19 crisis almost certainly changed the way your behavioral health team functions  and unfortunately, an end to the pandemic isn’t currently in sight. You know this year was rough for your employees, so you want to do what you can to prepare them for 2021, and anything it might bring. 

Planning for the year ahead is something you do each December, but given the unforeseen circumstances of 2020, you’re not quite sure where to start.

Here are three tips to help you provide the best possible support to your employees in 2021. 

Request Employee Feedback 

As the boss, you play a huge role in your team’s success. You think you know what they need for an outstanding 2021, but there’s no way to know for sure unless you ask. Make people feel comfortable speaking up by creating a survey where they can provide anonymous feedback. This will let you know exactly where they stand, so you can find out what’s working, what’s not, and what changes they would like to see implemented next year. 

Knowing you care enough to ask for their input will make employees feel valued. This will show them you want them to be happy and stay with your team for the long run. 

Give Your Team What They Need 

Asking employees for feedback is a huge part of leading your team to success in the new year  but you also have to take action. While they won’t expect you to implement every suggestion, you do need to pay close attention to comments, concerns, and ideas mentioned by several people. These should be your top priority, as something noted by multiple employees is clearly an issue. 

People won’t continue to provide meaningful feedback if they feel like you’re not listening. However, if you do your best to support them in the manner they request, they’ll feel like you truly have their backs. Knowing you’re listening and you genuinely care will allow them to start the new year feeling engaged and inspired. 

Think About Lessons Learned in 2020 

This year has been filled with changes  many without much notice  as your team adapted to a new way of business during the pandemic. This has undoubtedly been a major learning experience, as some new processes and procedures worked, while others didn’t. Take some time to reflect on the leadership moves you’re most proud of and those you wish you’d done differently. 

For those that fall into the latter category, think about how these lessons learned can help prepare your team for 2021. For example, if a certain practice adopted during the pandemic is hindering your team’s productivity, find a way to improve it. This will allow them to get a strong start to the new year. 

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