Six Innovative Ideas to Motivate Employees

Motivated employees are satisfied, productive employees—which, of course, is great for your business. How do you get your employees fired up to come to work and do their best? Here are six out-of-the-box strategies that can help your team feel appreciated, energized, and loving their jobs.


Appreciate them in writing

Most leaders know that a simple thank you is a powerful motivator. Why not take that a step further and put it in writing?

Writing brief thank-you notes (on paper, not via email) to your team members is an excellent way to remind them that their efforts are appreciated. And by putting your thanks in a permanent form, they’ll remember it longer and have a physical reminder that you value their input and contributions.

Put the ‘fun’ in business

All work and no play makes your employees reserved, distant, and unhappy. Just a little bit of fun on a regular basis can go a long way toward perking up a drab work environment.

If possible, try instituting fun breaks from regular office life, such as “Dress Like the ‘60s Day” or “Pajama Day.” For businesses where off-the-wall ideas aren’t practical, you can still have fun with an occasional office-wide lunch out, or after-hours employee activities—get everyone together and go bowling, play miniature golf, or catch a movie.

Bring back naptime

We all left naptime back in preschool, but everyone can benefit from a quick snooze—especially hardworking adults. Giving your employees a “nap room” is a great way to help them beat the afternoon blahs and come back refreshed, motivated, and full of ideas for the rest of the day.

Offer mentor matchups

Mentorships are an often overlooked tool that can be powerfully effective for your team. When you pair off newer employees with experienced staff—or make cross-department matches to help your people learn new skills—you help employees foster personal growth while they get to know their co-workers better.

Go a little crazy sometimes

As a leader, you set the tone for your employees. If you’re not afraid to break out with unexpected fun, even if it’s a little weird, your team will quickly come to appreciate working with you. Try dressing up in a costume for work one day, or blasting some music and throwing an impromptu party.

Hand them the company

Turning your business over to your employees may sound insane, but it’s one of the best motivators available. An Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) gives your team a real, personal stake in the business. It’s structured to give them direct profits when the company succeeds—so they’ll be very motivated to perform at the top of their capabilities.

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