You’re Losing Top Talent Because of This   

Getting to the top of your industry is hard work, but staying there is even more challenging.
Your best and brightest employees are the ones driving the team to success, but if you’re unable to keep them onboard, you can’t expect to come out ahead of the competition.

Every company experiences turnover to some degree, but if yours is higher than normal, this is something you can’t ignore. Chances are, the people heading out the door are your most talented, and without them your company is in jeopardy. People leave their jobs for many reasons, but when it happens en masse, at least one of the following reasons is likely to blame.

No Room for Growth

Some people are content to stay in their jobs for years, but this won’t cut it for your most ambitious workers. Top talent has big plans for their career, and if you’re not willing to help them grow at your company, they’ll move on to the next. If there’s no upward mobility for your most valued employees, work with them to create positions they can move into. Doing so will require a lot of extra effort, but they’re worth it.

Toxic Company Culture

No one wants to work at a company plagued by drama, hostility and pettiness. A work environment that causes people stress, anxiety and genuine unhappiness is not acceptable. Some people might put up with it, but your best employees know they can do better — and they will. As the boss, improving your company culture is a change that needs to be led by you, so vow to be better and actually do it.

Poor Compensation

Your best employees aren’t motivated solely by money, but the size of their paycheck does dictate their standard of living. No matter how much staffers love their work, you can’t expect them to stay with your company if they’re not earning a competitive salary.

Use the Bureau of Labor Statistics to benchmark employees’ salaries by industry and geographic region to see if you’re paying fair wages. If not, offer a salary bump if you can swing it. Sweeten the deal with perks — i.e., the ability to work remotely a few days a week — if your budget can’t be stretched.

Lack of Challenging Work

Certain types of employees enjoy the familiarity of doing the same tasks every day for years, which is fine, but they’re not your top performers. Monotony bores the most talented people, so keep them on their toes by providing a constant stream of interesting projects. Engage them with challenging work that requires them to think creatively and learn new skills.

Bad Managers

Working for a bad boss is terrible, and top talent solves this problem by quitting. Everyone isn’t management material. If your company hierarchy requires people to become managers to move up, you probably have a lot of people in leadership positions who aren’t cut out for it. Carefully evaluate your management team, and if you spot someone who shouldn’t be there, shift them into a high-ranking individual contributor role, as this is best for everyone.

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