Three Ways Opening Communication Lines Can Reduce Workforce Stress

Employee stress can be a contentious issue. Many managers feel that the only way to reduce stress is to reduce workloads and expectations, leading to lowered productivity — but the fact is, the opposite is true. The less stressed your employees are, the more productive they can be

Stressed and burned-out employees can exact a high toll on your organization. When employees are stressed, they’re less likely to provide good customer service or generate innovation. They’re more likely to make mistakes, take more sick days, and stay inside the box.

One of the best ways to reduce workplace stress is to improve communication in your company. When you open the lines of communication and provide employees with more information, you’ll realize a dramatic increase in productivity and energy as employee stress levels drop.

Here are three ways better communication can alleviate stress and motivate your employees to perform.

1. Communication increases productivity

Improved communication has a direct relation to increased productivity. One of the biggest sources of employee stress is not knowing what’s happening in the company, what they’re supposed to be doing, or where they stand as an employee.

Keep the lines of communication open, and inform employees about:

  • Their responsibilities and performance expectations
  • Any changes taking place in the company
  • Whether they’re doing a good job

Armed with this key information, employees are able to understand what’s expected of them, whether they’re meeting those expectations, and what direction the company is taking now and in the future. This not only reduces stress, but also helps your employees do a better job and remain more productive on a day-to-day basis.

2. Communication encourages innovation

Strong communication encourages an open environment that fosters both loyalty and trust in your employees. When your workforce understands their own worth, and knows that talking to management about their work and ideas is encouraged, they will become responsible risk-takers — which is a primary driver of innovation.

Maintaining open communication lines creates a culture where failure is an option. If employees aren’t afraid to fail, they will be willing and eager to try new things for the sake of improving the company. Encouraging responsible risk-taking through communication helps your workforce develop greater innovation.

3. Communication strengthens your brand

Part of an open communication environment is continually letting your employees know what makes your company great. When you reinforce your goals and vision, and explain how your organization brings value to customers through your daily actions, your employees can feel that they’re making a significant contribution that means something and makes a difference.

Clearly communicating the core values of your company helps your employees become energized, motivated, and able to meet challenges with a positive attitude. They’ll be more willing to give their best efforts to a company where they understand what you’re doing and why — rather than a manager that tells them what to do without explaining why their actions matter. To learn more about how we can help you find top behavioral health talent, contact us today at (513) 651-9500 or by email at

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