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Why register? PsychPros is a free, national job placement service for job seekers in the mental health and helping professions.

PsychPros has unparalleled access, not only to jobs in your city and state, but to professional positions across the United States.

PsychPros is your clearinghouse for diverse employment opportunities – now, and in the future.

Once you register with PsychPros, we can apprise you of positions throughout your career. Just keep your contact information updated whenever you move or change phone numbers!

PsychPros specializes in jobs that are unadvertised – giving you a distinct advantage: there aren’t as many candidates competing for those positions.

“Looking for new employment can be a very anxiety-provoking time. You helped to make it otherwise. Your agency is wonderful! You provide a much-needed service and do an outstanding job. Thank you. I will suggest PsychPros to all of my colleagues who are looking for employment.”

Job Seeker, MA, LPC

“Thank you very much for working so hard on my behalf! I am pleased that your organization exists for professionals like myself and doubly pleased you have competent professionals working for you!”

Job Seeker, LCSW

You have been a tremendous help to me during my search for a job in the field of social work. After a month of searching for a position, I called PsychPros and had a position the next day. I really appreciate all of the work you’ve done for me!”

Job Seeker, MSW

“You have exceptional employees! Your recruiters use skill and tact in their negotiations, and you follow through on everything you say you will do.”

Job Seeker, MSW



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