Interviewing for a Case Manager Job? Here Are Some Questions You May Be Asked

Interviewing for a case manager job requires a lot of preparation. Part of the process includes practicing your answers to commonly asked questions.


The quality of your responses to the interview questions impacts whether you advance in the hiring process. This is why using specific examples from your previous experience is important. The better you can show you are the most qualified candidate, the greater the odds of receiving a job offer.


Practice answering the following questions before your case manager interview.


Which Skills and Experience Make You a Good Case Manager?

Focus on the ways you use your education, talents, and work experience to be great at your job.


For instance, your background as a clinical social worker may have given you experience managing multiple cases at once. You also might have coordinated with a variety of health and government professionals to learn how to best support a patient.


What Draws You to Work with This Particular Group of People?

Show what interests you most about the group of individuals and why you care about the role.


For instance, your nephew may have struggled a lot with his health in the past year. You saw how much his case manager provided peace of mind for your brother and his family. As a result, you want to provide at least a small amount of stress relief for families by working as a case manager in a children’s hospital.


Tell Me About a Time When You Had to Explain Complex Information to a Client or Team Member.

Demonstrate that you can simplify complicated information for your clients or team members. Include the situation, how you responded, and the results of your actions.


For instance, your client needed multiple surgeries and physical therapy on her knee. So, you showed her a diagram of the knee and explained what each part generally did. Then, you explained what was wrong with her knee and what each surgery would do to fix it.


You shared that the knee was made to move and the muscles needed to be strong to hold everything in place. She needed to participate in therapy to strengthen the muscles to maximize the effectiveness of the surgery. You knew she understood what you were saying because you later heard her explain everything to her husband.


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