Why Shouldn’t We Hire You?

Job interviews aren’t designed to be a walk in the park. Hiring managers use this time to ask hard questions to find the best fit for their team, so expect to be put in the hot seat.

One question that tends to fluster candidates is, “Why shouldn’t we hire you?” Since you’re trying to impress the interviewer, this one might seem a bit out of left field, but you have to read between the lines. Your response will provide information about your personality and ability to mesh with the company culture, so crafting the perfect reply is key.

Give an Actual Reason

It’s tempting to say there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t be hired, but this won’t score you any points. Not only does it make you appear arrogant, it causes you to miss out on a key opportunity to showcase your fit for the job.

Learning as much as possible about the company culture prior to the interview is the secret to crafting a winning response (more on that later). When choosing a reason to highlight, share something that won’t put you out of the running for the job. Mention a flaw that isn’t pertinent to the position, as you don’t want the hiring manager to question your ability to succeed in the role.

Twist Your Words

The trick to sharing an actual flaw is choosing something that could be considered a drawback in some company cultures but is actually an advantage at this particular company. For example, if your research revealed the company has a highly collaborative culture, say you shouldn’t be hired if the position involves a great deal of solo work, because you thrive as part of a team.

This technique can be used to highlight a personality trait or a weakness, as long as you’re certain the perceived disadvantage is actually something that will be viewed favorably by the interviewer. It’s both creative and brilliant, as it provides the thorough response desired, but shifts a seemingly negative narrative in your favor.

Prepare in Advance

Some interview questions are relatively simple to answer without advance preparation, but this isn’t one of them. When getting ready for your interview, allot plenty of time to conduct background research and an intelligent reply for this question. Chances are, it will elicit follow-up questions, so try to anticipate those as well.

Share your response with someone you trust and ask them what kind of supplemental questions they might ask if conducting the interview. Covering all your bases is the best way to go into the meeting feeling prepared for this and any other tough questions that come your way. This will take some time and effort, but landing a great new job is well worth it.

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