How to Show You’re Ready for a Raise

It’s been quite a while since you got a raise. In fact, it’s possible you’ve never received one at your current job. You’ve been waiting for your boss to surprise you with one, but you’ve finally realized you might be stuck with the same salary forever unless you finally speak up.

Asking your boss for more money can be intimidating, but you have to stand up for what you’re worth. Money isn’t everything, but it helps you feel valued at work and makes for a more comfortable lifestyle at home. Find out how to prove you’re ready for a raise and the best way to approach your boss.

Prove Your Worth

Excelling at your job will help you get a raise; however, you can seal the deal by being an asset to the business as a whole. Go above and beyond expectations by volunteering to take on extra projects and solving problems that boost the company’s bottom line. When your boss realizes how much you’re contributing, they won’t hesitate to make sure you’re fairly compensated.

Complete Quality Work

You might think being a little involved with several projects is a good way to show your value, but don’t spread yourself too thin. It’s much better to complete quality work on a few projects, than haphazardly assist with several. Always choose quality over quantity, because anyone can work on a project, but only the most talented people can produce the outstanding results needed to get a salary bump.

Display a Positive Attitude

Getting a raise is both a sign of respect and a retention tactic. When your boss likes you, they want you to stay on the team for the foreseeable future. This is much more likely to occur if you’re a pleasant person who consistently displays a positive attitude. No one wants to work alongside someone who constantly brings the rest of the team down, so be mindful of your behavior.

Schedule a One-on-One Meeting

When the time comes to discuss a raise with your boss, don’t catch them off guard. Request a one-on-one meeting with them, and be honest about your intentions. This will give them time to think about it and see if there’s room in the budget, maximizing your chances of a prompt response. Setting time aside in advance also ensures they’ll be in the mindset to listen, instead of being distracted by other matters.

Highlight Your Value

Simply telling your boss you haven’t had a raise in two years won’t get you very far.

Hopefully they’ve noticed all your hard work, but you can’t count on that. Be prepared with specific examples of ways you’ve contributed to the company since your last raise. When possible, use numbers to drive your point home, as they leave no room for interpretation. For example, “I worked on project X and it boosted patient growth by 5 percent.”

Back up Your Claims

Conduct research to determine what other professionals in both your industry and geographic location are earning. If your salary falls below the average line, bring this to the meeting to further drive your point home. When used in conjunction with evidence of the value you bring the team, this should convince your boss you deserve a larger paycheck.

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