How to Recruit Extraordinary Job Candidates

In the current job market, many believe that employers hold all the cards. The truth is, with so many potential job candidates seeking a limited number of positions, it’s more important than ever for businesses to snag the cream-of-the-crop, extraordinary candidates.  Here are some tips to help your company attract these top-notch job seekers.

Let Them Know Their Future

When interviewing job candidates, remember that most of them are not just looking for a short-term job, but a long-term career. If you are able to help them see what a possible career path might look like with your organization, they will be more interested. Explain the expectations of the current job and then clarify possible timelines and next steps for a future successful transition within the company.


Don’t Just Promote the Company, Promote Your Management

Job candidates want to work for growing, thriving companies.  And, part of building an interest in your company is letting candidates get to know the management team. If the company has exceptional managers, use PR resources to promote them in any informational pieces about the company, both in print and online.  This reflects well on the company and helps to draw stellar candidates who may have previously overlooked your organization.  When a job candidate comes in for an interview, try to let them meet one of these outstanding managers.  Just a warm handshake and a smile by someone they’ve read about could tip the scales in your favor when it comes time for the job offer.

Go to Your Candidates

Successful companies know where their potential employees spend most of their time online.  For example, companies looking for IT professionals will search the Internet for active members of online IT communities.  Companies who need mental health professionals will look for candidates who speak out on current mental health topics through personal or public blogs.  People who are passionate about their careers often have strong ideas about which companies they would like to join, because they’ve found them online. The best way to approach quality candidates is to be just as active as they are in these niche, online communities.

Turn to Social Media

Social media sites boast more hourly traffic than any other online community network.  It is only recently, however, that employers have started to leverage this important tool.  Linked In is especially helpful for networking with prospective job candidates.

Social media allows employers to connect with job seekers on a personal level, opening a dialogue with an individual rather than just glancing at a resume.  Extraordinary candidates are much more than a job history and list of references.  If you build a rapport with them and can show them you see their potential, you’ll have a distinct advantage over other employers who stick to more traditional recruiting methods.

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