How to Make Your Job Screening Process More Cost-Effective

You need to hire a new employee, but you’re dreading the costs associated with your current screening process. Choosing the right person for the job is extremely important to you, so you don’t want to cut corners, but you’re hoping to find a more efficient approach. 

Despite your best intentions, it’s very possible your screening process currently includes unnecessary steps or outdated practices that are seriously adding to the cost of each new hire.

Here are a few ideas to help reduce expenses that will also likely help you hire better. 

Conduct Initial Phone Screens 

If you’re currently bringing candidates into your office without an initial phone screening, put a halt to this practice immediately. Failing to properly vet candidates before inviting them to your office is a waste of everyone’s time  and time is money.  

Instead, schedule a preliminary phone call to screen candidates, so you can eliminate anyone who clearly isn’t a good fit for the job. This will allow you to narrow your list down to a smaller group of candidates bring into your office for first-round interviews, which is much more efficient. 

Tailor Your Efforts 

The importance of thoroughly screening candidates cannot be emphasized enough. However, you don’t need to go through exhaustive  and expensive  efforts for every person. Instead, put different screens in place at each round of interviews. 

For example, instead of checking references after first-round interviews, save this step until after the second round. You might also hold off on pricey background checks until you’ve narrowed your list down to a few top candidates. 

Automate Screening Tasks 

In the past, all job screening activities had to be done manually, but things have changed. Save time by automating some of your tasks. 

For example, you might invest in software that can scan resumes for certain keywords and eliminate those without a high enough percentage. This will save an enormous amount of time because you’ll only have to review a fraction of the resumes received for each position. 

Make Sure Activities Aren’t Overlapping 

You have a team of ambitious, caring professionals, so it’s possible there’s a little too much due diligence going on during the hiring process. Only one person needs to perform each screening task, so divide and conquer these activities. This way, you’re still covering all the bases but without any unnecessary repetition.  

Partner With a Staffing Agency 

On the surface, outsourcing your hiring activities to a staffing firm might seem more expensive, but it’s actually not. By teaming up with a recruiter who specializes in your field, you’ll be able to hire faster and better, which will seriously lower your hiring costs.  

Your staffing partner will handle all hiring activities for you, so all you’ll have to do is meet with their top candidates and make your choice. Instead of having to add hiring to your already full plate, you can continue focusing on your standard responsibilities while your recruiter fills the open position on your team. 

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