How to Avoid the Most Common Staffing Issues

Employees are the most important part of your company. This is why staffing challenges impact your business operations. Staffing issues affect your company’s image and reputation. They also lower your bottom line. Your employees may leave due to stressful working conditions. Also, job seekers do not want to work for companies with staffing issues. As a result, you want to avoid staffing issues as much as possible. This minimizes their effect on your organization.


Discover some common staffing issues and how to avoid them to improve business operations.


High Turnover

Losing a significant number of employees on a regular basis impacts company operations. It also means rushing to hire, onboard, and train replacements.


High turnover may be a sign of issues with compensation, coworkers, managers, or the work environment. As a result, you should reexamine your pay structure, workplace culture, opportunities for advancement, or other areas that impact retention.


Poor Hiring Decisions

Bringing aboard a poorly equipped new hire impacts business operations and workplace culture. It also costs additional time and money to onboard and train these employees.


Having a standardized hiring process can combat this issue. This may include having more than one manager approve a candidate before extending a job offer. Also, consider promoting from within the organization rather than hiring externally.


Reactive Hiring

Having to quickly replace an employee who quit places time pressure on the hiring process. You might bring aboard a new hire not equipped to carry out the job duties and responsibilities.


Instead, you should actively add talent to your candidate pools, even when you are not hiring. Then, you know who to contact when a position opens up.



Not having enough employees to share the workload increases the number of tasks each employee takes on. This creates a stressful work environment. As a result, employees may quit, underperform, or need to work overtime.


To combat understaffing, hire an adequate number of employees to handle the workload. Also, bring aboard temporary workers to help during busy periods.


Because temporary workers are employed by a staffing firm, you avoid paying the expenses related to hiring, payroll, and unemployment. Simply keep the temporary workers for as long as needed, then let them move on to other assignments.



Having too many employees for business operations impacts motivation. Reducing employees’ work hours or compensation may increase turnover.


Rather, bring aboard temporary workers to help during busy seasons. These workers can support your workforce as needed, then move on when operations return to typical levels.


Skill Shortage

Not having employees with hard-to-find skills to complete a project can be challenging. Because it takes time and money to train for specific skills, this likely is not a realistic option.


Fortunately, you can partner with a local staffing firm that specializes in your industry to bring aboard the skilled worker you need. This worker may remain only until the project is completed. Or, they might permanently join your team if you have an ongoing need for their abilities.

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