How Can PsychPros Prevent Bad Hires?

Hiring a new employee is costly in more ways than one, so it’s a big deal if they don’t work out. If you’ve had one too many bad hires, it’s time to change your approach.  

Owned and operated by behavioral healthcare professionals, PsychPros is here to help you find your ideal candidate the first time. Our seasoned recruiters know how to leverage our network, methods, interpersonal skills, and experience in the behavioral health field to connect like-minded employers and employees. 

Your team is your greatest asset, but building it isn’t easy. Everything from knowing how to screen candidates and choosing which interview questions to ask to finding the time to dedicate to this process can be a challenge  but PsychPros is here to help. Take a look at a few ways our behavioral health recruiters can help you make bad hires a thing of the past. 

Screening Candidates Carefully 

Before candidates are presented to you, we work diligently to make sure they’re a good fit. We prescreen candidates by verifying their education, experience, and credentials. Our team also takes it a step further by evaluating their motivation to work, work schedule preference, and desired compensation. Candidates must successfully pass our prescreen to be invited for an interview. 

Asking Pointed Interview Questions 

All job interviews are not created equal. PsychPros knows asking the right questions is the key to successful interviews. We practice behavioral-based interviewing, focusing on what the candidate has previously done, accomplished, or achieved. This allows us to learn as much as possible about the person, which is crucial. The more we know about a candidate, the better equipped we are to decide if they’re right for your team. 

Seeking Cultural Fit 

A candidate might look great on paper, but if they aren’t a match for your company culture, they won’t last. PsychPros holds a preferred vendor status with many behavioral healthcare companies across the United States. We work hard to match candidates to the corporate environment of our client companies. To accomplish this, we strive to learn as much as possible about your company culture, so we can choose candidates who embody your shared values, goals, and attitude. 

Taking Time-Consuming Task Off Your Plate 

In addition to not having adequate training or experience hiring employees, managers often make bad hires because they simply don’t have time to follow proper due diligence. As a busy manager, hiring is just one of many tasks on your plate. This can cause you to just hire the first seemingly qualified candidate, because you need to move on to your next responsibility. 

PsychPros makes this a non-issue by coordinating all appointments for first and second interviews. We also negotiate salaries with candidates, making offers and counteroffers. Our team will even make arrangements for travel and relocation of candidates, so you can focus on running your business. 

If you’re tired of making bad hires, PsychPros wants to help turn your retention rates around. To learn more about how we can help you find top behavioral health talent, contact us today at (513) 651-9500 or by email at 

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