How Can I Get in Front of Passive Job Seekers?

The right person for the job isn’t always actively pursuing new opportunities. Since they’re not combing through employment listings, you have to get creative to connect with them  but they’re worth the extra time and effort. 

If you feel like the candidates you’ve been vetting aren’t the best fit for your behavioral health team, it’s time to change your hiring strategy. Finding ways to get in front of passive job seekers will broaden your candidate base and allow you to truly find the best fit.

Here’s some advice to help you connect with talent only interested in making a move for a truly amazing opportunity. 

Offer Referral Incentives 

Your employees are talented people who likely have connections to many other esteemed industry professionals. Therefore, getting them involved in the recruiting process by offering a referral bonus can help you connect with a variety of passive job seekers.  

No one wants to steer their employer toward a connection they don’t truly like or don’t think will succeed, so this is a fantastic opportunity to get hiring help from the people who know your company best  your own employees. Encourage them to get involved by offering a monetary bonus for any candidate who gets hired and stays with the company for a certain time period. 

Partner With a Recruiter 

As hiring experts, staffing professionals know the value of the passive talent. Therefore, they spend a lot of time connecting with candidates who are currently employed but willing to make a move for the right fit. When you work with a recruiter, you gain access to these talent pools, making it quick and easy to truly find the best person for the job. 

Strengthen Your Employment Brand 

They might not be browsing job listings, but passive candidates pay attention to what’s going on in the behavioral health industry. Get them interested in your company by creating a brand they can’t resist.  

For example, you might position your company as a great place for working parents. In this case, you could become known as a top family-friendly employer by incorporating work-life balance into your branding, sharing stories from employees with children and applying for awards that designate you as a leading employer for parents. 

Use Social Media 

Passive talent might not see your employment listings on job sites, so post them on your social media accounts as well. This gives your followers the opportunity to share them with their own networks, further expanding your reach. You can also use targeted ads on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to get in front of them.  

Start a Company Blog 

Engage passive talent by crafting blog posts on topics pertinent to the behavioral health industry. This will help your company appear in relevant search results, so you can get on their radar. If they’re impressed with the blog post, they’ll keep clicking around to find out more about your company.  

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