Here’s How a Recruiter Can Help You Negotiate Your Salary

Until now, you’ve always found your behavioral health positions on your own. However, you’re getting ready to look for a new job, and you’re thinking about working with a recruiter. 

In addition to helping you find a job that perfectly aligns with your skills and interests, a behavioral health recruiter can also help negotiate your pay. This will ensure you’re paid a fair rate you’re happy with, making you feel like a valued member of the team.

Here’s a look at how your recruiter will work to ensure you’re offered a competitive salary. 

They’ll Focus on the Market 

Your recruiter is an expert in the behavioral health field. They know the standard salaries for a variety of positions in your area  both from checking resources like the Bureau of Labor Statistics wage data and from personal experience with helping other professionals find jobs.  

Therefore, they will recognize an offer that is far too low or extremely generous and advise you accordingly on the next steps. This is important because without their experience, you might inadvertently accept an offer below-market rate that isn’t fair to you. 

They’ll Highlight Your Value 

Recruiters are experts at selling. In this case, they’re working to sell you as the best fit to potential employers. After convincing them you’re the right person for the job, they’ll work to emphasize your strengths and all the benefits you’ll bring to the organization. This will help you earn a higher salary because your ability to add to the company’s bottom line increases your worth. 

For example, if you have a certain skill that other employees don’t, you can expand the facility’s care options and bring in more patients. 

They Know How to Negotiate 

Salary negotiations are a verbal art form of sorts. It’s difficult to learn how to play the game when you’re only negotiating your own salary every few years or even less  depending on how often you switch jobs. On the other hand, recruiters negotiate salaries for their clients on a daily basis, so they know exactly what they’re doing. You can count on them to get you the highest salary possible because they’re experts at negotiating. 

They Can Get You Extras 

When it comes to compensation, money isn’t everything. Recruiters know there’s plenty of other perks that can be negotiated that will impact your quality of life. It’s possible a company you’re really interested in will be unable to offer the salary you want, but they might be able to offset the difference with a competitive set of perks. 

For example, your recruiter might negotiate for an extra week of vacation or the ability to work from home a few days a week. Without their help, you might not even realize you can ask for these additional benefits. 

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