Have You Considered These Psych Career Specialties?

As a psychology professional, you have a range of career options to choose from. This includes many specialties within the field.


Knowing some of your options and their main areas of focus can help you decide which psych career specialty may be right for you. The following suggestions may help.


Discover five psych career specialties you can choose to work in.


Clinical Psychology

The position of clinical psychologist involves assessing and treating mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. The goal is to treat complex problems, promote resilience, and facilitate change.


A passion for listening, learning, and discovering is required to successfully provide services. The focus is on normal and abnormal behavior, mental and emotional health, and mental illness and its prevention.


Counseling Psychology

Working as a counseling psychologist involves helping individuals find their strengths and resources to handle everyday issues and obstacles. The focus is on the interactions between the individual and their environment, including their educational or career development.


Roles may be with colleges and universities as teachers, researchers, or service providers. Other positions may include independent practice providing consultation, assessment, and counseling services for individuals, couples, families, or organizations.


Addiction and Recovery Psychology

Working as an addiction and recovery psychologist requires a passion for helping others. It involves helping individuals overcome addiction, substance abuse, and mental health issues to lead happier, healthier lives.


Working well with others and wanting to help improve their lives is important. This field of work may be especially beneficial for people who overcame similar issues and believe in second chances.


Sports Psychology

The role of a sports psychologist involves providing the motivation to reach goals, overcome mental obstacles related to injuries and rehabilitation, and provide counseling for athletes. This includes improving athletes’ performance, mental health, and overall well-being.


Some positions are found in universities. Others involve client counseling, scientific research, or athletic counseling.


Forensic Psychology

The role of a forensic psychologist involves applying psychological science and principles to public safety and judicial systems to maintain safety. This includes analyzing details and identifying and interpreting clues.


This field of work involves providing expertise on legal matters. Examples include the mental state of a criminal defendant and whether a defendant is competent to stand trial. Other examples involve advising jury selection, child custody, violence risk prediction, and mediation and dispute resolution.


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