FAQs (Job Seekers)

FAQs (Job Seekers)

Where in the U.S. do you have jobs?

PsychPros works with employers from all over the United States. We place professionals with behavioral healthcare organizations in both large cities and rural areas.

At any given time, we will have a selection of jobs that may or may not be of interest to you. If you are registered with us, we will contact you based on your credentials and what type of job you are seeking.

What salary or hourly rate can I expect?

PsychPros jobs vary widely in the starting salary or hourly rate. As with any other job, the starting rate depends upon the experience and educational level required by the job.

For temporary assignments, we will offer you an hourly rate; for permanent hires, we will negotiate a salary and benefits package for you.

Your PsychPros recruiter will fully inform you of the job duties, expectations, and wages you can expect during the hiring process.

How do I find out about positions you have available?

If you are part of our database and are currently employed, rest assured we will contact you when a position opens up that meets your geographic specifications, salary range, and job description you’re seeking.

What is the process I need to follow?

The first step is to register with us. A recruiter will call you if we have a job that looks like a match for you. At that time, we will have you fill out our full application packet, and we will interview you. We will then present your credentials to the client company you are interested in and facilitate the hiring process, from start to finish.



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