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Qualilty Recruiters. Quality Candidates. Our All-Star Combinations!

Every time you use PsychPros, for temporary help or executive search, you can be assured of top-quality assistance from our recruiters and the best-qualified candidates available!

PsychPros specializes in your field of expertise. Mental health. Substance abuse. Nonprofit. For-profit. We know behavioral healthcare jobs, and that’s all we recruit for, day in and day out.

Employers call us for help with:

• Expansion and downsizing
• Confidential searches
• Executive jobs
• Vacation/sick leaves
• Holiday coverage
• Interim staffing
The primary reason employers call on PsychPros is because they need help recruiting qualified staff. And, our service gives you access to state-of-the-art recruiting methods. Most human resources departments can’t provide the selection of recruiting methods we continue to improve upon every day.


PsychPros Offers You:

Over 25,000 active job seekers nationwide

Internet job boards and databases

Mailing lists and call lists of licensed professionals

Recruiters who know your jobs
as well as you do

Because PsychPros is a contingency placement firm, we can supplement your own hiring efforts.

PsychPros provides hundreds of companies across the United States with reliable recruiting and staffing services. Let us help your company create a flexible, productive workforce. Call us today or register online!


PsychPros Saves You Money.
Avoid costly hiring mistakes. We guarantee our employees and your satisfaction. Whether you try before you buy (the temp-to-hire option) or your hire directly, we guarantee our results. You can depend on our proven approach to hiring. We’re systematic and thorough.

 PsychPros Saves You Time.
Our work is very time intensive. You pay PsychPros only a fraction of what your company would pay you to do this time-consuming recruiting and selection work.

Executive Search & Direct Hires.
Our recruiters are sourcing and hiring experts. They analyze hundreds of resumes each year. They select and present only the finest candidates to our client companies. They eliminate wasted hours of your time, interviewing (and rejecting) the candidates who “aren’t just right.” You get only the best candidates – the ones with the credentials and qualifications you are seeking.

Temp-to-Perm Assignments.
A high percentage of our temp-to-hire candidates (82% to be exact) are hired on permanently by our client companies. We’re proud of this fact, because it means our client companies love our candidates. We believe this is because PsychPros takes such care to find employees who match your job description, salary limitations, and corporate culture.

Temporary Positions.
Companies need help when there is corporate expansion or downsizing, during vacations and sick leaves, and to simply even out the normal fluctuation of the business cycle, year in and year out.


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