Don’t Be a Stepping Stone Employer

Attracting talented sales professionals is a big challenge for many companies—but keeping current talent on the team is another. In the current competitive marketplace, great salespeople are feeling the need to compromise by accepting limited positions in order to “get by for now”. Maximize the likelihood of getting and retaining sales pros by engaging with candidates, during the interview process and beyond.



1. Ask where they’re headed professionally.

Pin down the applicant’s objectives by asking where they see themselves in five or ten years. How do they see those goals aligning with your company? This will reveal their motivations and whether they see a promising future for themselves as part of your team. Be aware of long hesitations or answers that sound too rehearsed. In that case, probe a bit more – you may need to be prepared with different types of questions asking essentially the same thing. The end goal is to hire someone driven to do the job, so that you won’t end up spending more time and money hiring a replacement.

2. Paint a picture of potential growth.

By outlining the possibilities for professional achievement and advancement within your company, you’ll help the candidate envision how their career ambitions may be realized as your team member. Incentives, promotions, educational opportunities, benefits, and perks—any avenues through which your company can help the candidate move toward their goals—will help encourage a good salesperson to join your organization for the long term.

3. Follow up on your promises.

If your candidate took you at your word about opportunities within your organization, it’s up to you to make sure they exist once you’ve hired them on and they’ve met your criteria. Professionals who are rewarded for performance and loyalty will respond with more of the same, investing back into the company that invested in them.

Searching for top talent is time-consuming and expensive. Avoid becoming a resting place for fickle employees. You’ll attract and retain motivated sales professionals if you show them your company is their bright future, and not just a stepping stone to one.

To avoid being a stepping stone employer, and bring in the right talent, contact the staffing experts at PsychPros.

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