Candid, Consistent Communication is Key to Attracting Candidates

In today’s market, candidates respond to transparent communication. Top talent has their choice of behavioral health jobs, so it’s important to interact with them in an open and honest manner. 

People want to learn as much as possible about your company, so they can decide if it’s a place they would thrive. The more information you put out there, the more interested in your company they’ll become.  

Elusiveness has no place in a job search, so use this advice to offer candid, consistent communication to professionals interested in joining your behavioral health team. 

Use this Advice to Attract Top Candidates

Make Sure Your Branding is Consistent 

Before deciding whether to apply for a job at your company, potential candidates conduct plenty of research on your company. They’ll review your website, blog, and social media pages to learn more about your organization and culture. If the tone and messaging are not consistent across the board, they’ll become confused and won’t come away with any more knowledge than when they started. 

Highlight Employee Benefits 

The benefits you offer employees should never be the main reason they’re attracted to your company, but they do matter. Top talent wants to be part of a team where they feel valued. Part of this is offering benefits that provide peace of mind and a comfortable lifestyle. Therefore, it’s important to showcase your most coveted benefits  i.e., 100% paid health insurance premiums, 401(k) match, and free onsite parking.  

Emphasize Employee Career Growth 

The best and brightest candidates don’t just want a job  they want a place to grow their career. Make it clear your company is a place to move up the ladder by highlighting employee growth stories on your website, blog, and social media pages. Reading real-life accounts of employees who have risen the ranks at your company will show potential candidates your company is a place they can grow their behavioral health career. 

Underline Work-Life Balance 

You want to hire behavioral health professionals who are truly committed to their jobs. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t also support a strong work-life balance. Attract top talent by using your online presence to share your commitment to ensuring employees have a solid work-life balance. For example, you might highlight your flexible hours, ability to work remotely at least some of the time, and onsite childcare. 

Create a Transparent Hiring Process 

Applying for a new job is a very big deal, so no one appreciates being left in the dark. Make candidates feel appreciated from the start by clearly explaining the hiring process. This includes the number of interviews involved, any assessments they’ll need to take, your hiring timeline, and all other steps that will lead to your final decision. This will help you retain talent throughout the process because they’ll know what to expect.  

If you’re having trouble attracting top talent, it might be time to make a few adjustments to your hiring process. To learn more about how we can help you find top behavioral health talent, contact us today at (513) 651-9500 or by email at 


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