Encouraging Professional Growth

Ambitious, dedicated employees are never satisfied with the status quo. These people have a hunger for knowledge that needs to be fed with career-growth opportunities. Of course, you don’t have the time to map out a professional development plan for each of your staffers, but you can encourage them to create their own.

Nothing gets in the way of a true desire to succeed, so the best employees have no problem dedicating some of their own time and resources to further their career. Encourage your team to pursue professional development opportunities by taking one — or all — of these avenues.

Educational Podcasts

A great way to learn from anywhere, listening to educational podcasts can help employees stay up to date on the latest trends impacting your field. From podcasts dedicated to industry updates to career improvement tips and those sharing the stories of successful professionals in your realm of business, these on-demand resources can be incredibly useful. A great resource for even the busiest professionals, people can listen to them in the car, at the gym or even at their desk while doing work.

LinkedIn Groups

Millions of people worldwide have a LinkedIn presence, but everyone doesn’t use the site to its full advantage. Explain the benefits of LinkedIn groups to your team and encourage them to join a few relevant to their career. Of course, simply joining one doesn’t do much, as the best way to make the most of groups is to become an active participant. This means making an introduction to the group, sharing engaging content and commenting on group discussions. Make sure your team understands this, so they can flourish in their chosen LinkedIn groups.

Conferences and Seminars

Sending employees to conferences and seminars will impact your budget — and likely cause them to miss a few days of work — but it can be an invaluable experience. If you can manage, sending them to even one of these events this year can allow them to learn from some of your industry’s most successful people and make valuable contacts. They’ll return to the office with a fresh prospective that can benefit both their career and your company.

Professional Organizations

Joining a professional development organization can be a career-boosting experience. Give your staffers a push to get involved with a group that has a chapter in your local area, so they can reap all the benefits of membership. Activities vary by group, but typically involve a plethora of networking mixers, professional development seminars and other opportunities to get ahead professionally. If you have the budget, consider paying the annual dues for each of your employees to join one group.

Continuing Education Assistance

The value of higher education can never be underestimated. If you don’t already offer tuition assistance, think about adding it to your list of employee perks. Every penny counts when trying to pay for a degree or certificate program, so any amount of financial aid you can offer will be greatly appreciated. In fact, your generosity could be the final deciding factor that inspires an employee to pursue additional education.

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