Should You Consider Overqualified Candidates?

When you post a job opening for a mid- to entry-level candidate, you expect to be inundated with resumes from professionals just starting out, so it’s always surprising to find one from someone who is clearly overqualified. You may be tempted to write this person off as a simple misunderstanding or assume they just want to earn a salary until something better comes along, but that’s not always the case


Many people work their way up the ladder and realize they were happier in a job from a few years back or simply want fewer responsibilities so they can enjoy a better work-life balance. Instead of writing these candidates off, take the time to interview them; they might turn out to be one of the best things that ever happened to your company. Learn the benefits of hiring someone with more than enough experience for the job.

Little to No Training Required

When you hire someone who simply meets the minimum qualifications for the job, you have to invest a great deal of time and energy in training. The person will not be equipped to work independently for a while, so the rest of the team will be forced to pick up the slack until they’re ready to take on their responsibilities in full. Conversely, overqualified candidates already have more than enough experience to do the job, so after giving an introduction to your company, they can get to work immediately.

Easy to Manage

Recent college graduates are full of energy, but most haven’t had much — or any — professional experience. Getting acclimated to the workforce takes time and managing them as they transition from college kid to working adult can be a challenge. When you fill a position with a seasoned candidate instead, this is a non-issue, as they already have years of experience in the professional realm and know exactly what is expected of them.

True Passion for the Work

Hiring a younger candidate can be a bit of a gamble, because they’re still trying to figure out their career trajectory. Some will only stay long enough to get a little experience on their resume while others may realize they don’t care for this type of work after a few months. You don’t have to worry about this with an experienced candidate because they have previously held the job and are voluntarily coming back to it. They’ve already explored their options and have decided this job is what made them happiest.

Ability to Mentor

Overqualified workers can have a positive impact on their entire team. Younger employees will look up to them as a role model and really listen to their advice. They can pass their skills onto the rest of the team through mentoring, and when you hire a new employee, they won’t think twice about taking them under their wing.

More Value for Your Money

As a business leader, you know the importance of stretching every last dollar. It really doesn’t make sense to choose a candidate with very little experience, when you could have someone with double or triple the necessary qualifications. If you have the budget to pay a seasoned professional more, then consider doing so; however, they know the salary associated with the job and still applied for it. If you have the chance to choose a candidate of a higher caliber for the same price, this can be an incredible gain for your business.

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