Are You Turning the Great Resignation into the Great Shuffle or the Great Reengagement?

As a health and human services (HHS) agency, you may be struggling to serve a needy population. You might have a tight budget that limits the size of your workforce, even as your volume of caseloads continues to increase. This makes it hard for your staff to provide effective solutions that address the critical needs of individuals and families. It also can leave your staff feeling stressed and overworked.

If there are few opportunities for career development or advancement within your organization, your staff may be leaving in large numbers right now. This high rate of turnover may be moving less experienced staff into critical jobs with little training and preparation. Your agency also might be using workforce approaches that worked in the past but not today.

Viewing these issues as starting points for change can help improve your organization’s services and structure. You can reform the processes that no longer work and create new practices to more effectively meet the needs of your workforce and the public.

Use these tips to reengage your staff members in their work and careers with your organization.

Implement Technology

Technology can free up time and better connect your staff. For instance, artificial intelligence (AI) can handle data entry, report writing, and other routine functions. This allows more time for your staff to work directly with individuals and families on strategies to meet their needs.

Managers can use technology to focus more on coaching and supervising the staff who report to them and oversee relationships with community partners. This lets your staff more efficiently and effectively gain insights to better inform their decisions.

Your organization can use technology to better serve a growing population of all ages. This is especially important for the younger members who prefer to communicate digitally.

The use of technology provides the flexibility that younger generations of staff members want as they replace older staff members who retire. Your staff members find the ability to work and train from anywhere at any time attractive.

Technology can help manage and analyze large pools of data to gain new insights to guide policies, track performance and outcomes, and increase efficiencies. This allows for more partnerships with businesses and nonprofit organizations to create community networks that fill more needs than your agency can on its own.

Restructure Your Jobs

Modification of your current roles may help reengage and attract new staff. This could include the elimination of certain positions while changing the emphasis of other positions.

Restructuring your jobs stimulates conversations about what needs to change to more effectively address the challenges your workforce has. These changes could positively impact the skills needed for a position, the digital tools to help with the work, and what a typical day on the job may look like. This can positively impact the potential career paths within your organization.

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