Are You on Track for Your 2020 Goals?

At the beginning of the year, you created a list of objectives you wanted to complete in 2020. Designed to help you move forward in your career and become the best version of yourself, you were excited and inspired to achieve these goals. 

The thing is, it’s been a tough few months. Hopefully, you’ve been able to stay on track, despite the pandemic, but it’s also possible COVID-19 has made some of your objectives irrelevant or  temporarily  impossible. 

Now that we’re at the halfway point in the year, it’s important to hit pause and see if you’re on track to accomplish your goals by December.

Here’s some advice to help you perform an effective self-assessment. 

Assess Your Progress 

Pull your goals out and take a look at what you planned to achieve in 2020. Be honest with yourself about exactly how much progress you’ve made toward accomplishing each objective. Hopefully, you’ve achieved some great wins this year, but it’s okay if you’ve fallen short on many  or all  of these aims. Conducting this assessment is the first step toward a very productive second half of the year. 

Dig Into Wins and Losses 

There’s a reason you’ve made more progress toward some goals than others. Take a closer took to better understand what’s going on. For example, you might be doing a great job at getting to work earlier, because you’ve made a habit of not hitting the snooze button, choosing your outfit the night before, and staying off social media in the morning.  

However, you might not be excelling at your goal of increasing your patient base because you haven’t made enough time to focus on this task.

Get More Specific 

Vague goals are too easy to break. If a lack of structure is one of the reasons you haven’t made as much progress toward an objective as you’d like, it’s time to make it SMART  specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. Knowing exactly what you need to do and when will help you focus, increasing your chances of finding success by the end of the year. 

Make Necessary Adjustments 

The great thing about goals, is they’re not set in stone. You could find something that was relevant in January is no longer important or you might have made so much progress toward a certain goal that you need to up the ante. The most important thing is making sure the objectives in front of you still make sense and provide the challenge needed to support growth.  

Don’t beat yourself up if you need to cross a goal off the list or dial it back a bit. The entire goal-setting process is largely trial and error, because you never know what challenges the year will bring. As long as you continue working toward objectives that make you proud, you should feel confident you’re doing great. 

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