An Engaging Career Doesn’t Have to Keep You in One Place: Temp Assignments in Human Services Can Be Very Fulfilling

The field of human services involves meeting human needs through a combination of knowledge, prevention, and problem-solving strategies. The goal is to continuously improve the quality of life for targeted groups of people.

Working in human services promotes the delivery of services through more efficient and effective systems. This addresses both the quality of direct services and the accessibility, accountability, and coordination of delivery among professionals and agencies.

If you are looking for a rewarding professional path, consider a career in human services. You can make a significant difference in the lives of others and leave a lasting impact on your local community.

Discover some basics of what it takes to begin a career in human services.

Relevant Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes

Working in human services requires certain education, abilities, and beliefs to be successful. Specific training and preparation for a job depends on the work setting, the population served, and the level of organization work.

  • Understand the nature of individual, group, organization, community and society systems and their interactions. This includes understanding human development, group dynamics, organization structure, how communities are organized, how national policy is set, and how social systems interact to produce human problems.
  • Understand the conditions that promote or limit top functioning and movement away from the desired functioning in the major human systems. This includes the major causes for both healthy functioning and treatment-rehabilitation. These sources may be medical, social, psychological-behavioral, or educational in nature.
  • Identify and choose interventions that promote growth and goal attainment. Conduct a competent problem analysis to determine the appropriate strategies, services, or interventions to attain a desired outcome. These may include assistance, a referral, advocacy, or direct counseling.
  • Plan, implement, and evaluate interventions. Create a plan of action for a specific problem and take action in a systematic way. Understand problems analysis, decision analysis, and design of work plans.
  • Choose interventions in line with your values and the values of your clients, the organization, and the human services profession. This requires awareness of your own value system, your organization’s values according to its mandate or goal statement, human services ethics, and your client’s values, lifestyle, and goals.
  • Plan and implement the appropriate services. Use your verbal and written communication, interpersonal relationships, self-discipline, time management, and related skills to fulfill the additional role requirements.

Example of a Temp Job in Human Services

PsychPros currently is recruiting for a Care Coordinator in the Cincinnati area. (if this link doesn’t work, there are often opportunities like this!) The 3rd shift hours are 11 pm to 7 am with two 15-minute paid breaks. The job can be full- or part-time.

  • Experience in the mental health or substance abuse field is helpful.
  • A good background check and clear drug screen are required.
  • The job requires working around women who may have mental health and substance abuse issues.
  • Many are survivors of prostitution, sex trafficking, and traumatic life experiences.

Find a Temp Assignment in Human Services

PsychPros has a variety of temp assignments to fit your skills, experience, and interests. Ready to take the next step in your career? If you would like to learn more about how we can help you find your next position, contact us today at (513) 651-9500 or by email at

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