About Us

About Us

Our Mission:
We believe that the emotional health of individuals in our society is of the utmost importance  We exist to provide superior recruiting  staffing, employment, and career services to those who promote behavioral health and service to others.


PsychPros is owned and operated by behavioral healthcare professionals.

We are good at what we do, because recruiting and hiring for mental health and chemical dependency organizations is all we do.

We often succeed where hiring managers or human resources departments may fail, because we devote our company’s entire time and resources to recruiting, screening, and hiring qualified candidates.

Our work is time-consuming and free —
unless we find the right candidate
for you!

WHY are
PsychPros recruiters

Because we are dedicated to the helping professions. Like you, we’re not in our field because of the great pay!

If we wanted big recruiting fees, we’d be assisting the legal, accounting or information technology fields. We are dedicated to human services, because we believe in them and have been personally touched by them in some way.



“I have always been impressed with the staff working at PsychPros. They are very professional, competent, and do a great job matching the right people for the right job.”

Impact Care Management

“Our recruiter has been responsive, personable, and a pleasure to work with. I am informed about prospective candidates and feel very comfortable discussing hiring issues with your agency representatives. It is wonderful to know that I am able to contact PsychPros should any problems arise. The need for PsychPros is tremendous at this time.”

Program Manager, Clermont Recovery Center, Inc.


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