7 Healthcare Specific Interview Questions to Ask Your Next Candidate

You receive a lot of resumes when you post a job opening on your healthcare team. Many candidates seem amazing on paper, so the job interview is your time to really get to know prospects and find the perfect fit.  

Therefore, you need to ask the right questions, to learn as much as possible about the person and their ability to succeed at your company. Here are seven questions to get you started. 

1. If you had the ability, what one thing would you change about our healthcare organization?

This question covers a few different bases, including the amount of research the candidate has conducted on your company and their ability to think critically. Candidates will likely approach this response with caution, as they don’t want to offend you, but the right one will offer a meaningful response that makes you think. 

2. How do you keep up with the latest healthcare industry happenings?

In the medical field  and every field  the best professionals are those who make a point to stay connected. These people belong to relevant professional associations, actively network with their peers, attend conferences, and follow industry blogs and social media accounts.  

Inquiring on the candidate’s level of involvement with the healthcare industry will allow you to gauge their commitment to the job. Those who take the time to be actively involved will show their patients the same level of enthusiasm. 

3. What current healthcare trends do you think offer the most promise for the future?

You want to hire a candidate who is genuinely passionate about the medical field. This is an important topic to cover because it allows you to see how closely the person keeps up with healthcare innovations. Someone truly engaged in the industry will have no trouble with this question, because they enjoy staying in the know. 

4. Why did you decide on a career in the healthcare industry?

Learning what motivated the candidate to want to work in healthcare is essential because you want someone who is there for the right reasons. A candidate who lights up when telling you they’re passionate about helping others is likely a great choice, while someone who struggles to explain their motivation probably isn’t.

5. Describe a time when you had a problematic patient. What did you do to ensure they received the best possible care?

Some patients are a breeze to treat, while others are more difficult. It’s crucial to find out how the candidate handles patient situations that are more challenging because these issues will arise. You need someone patient who can stay calm under pressure and always puts patients’ needs first.

6. How do you deal with family members who aren’t satisfied with their loved one’s care? 

Sometimes a patient’s family members can be challenging to deal with. If this happens, you need to know the candidate will handle the situation with grace. It’s important to choose someone who empathizes with the stress the family is under and will politely address their concerns. Having a healthcare professional listen and take them seriously is often all it takes to ease the minds of concerned loved ones. 

7. How do you work as part of a healthcare team?

Patient care is a team effort, so you need someone who works well with others. Hiring someone with excellent communication skills, who respect their colleagues is a must. Seek a candidate who understands this and conveys their enjoyment of being part of a team that helps patients and always puts their needs first. 

Finding the best person for the job can be challenging  especially if you don’t have much hiring experience. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you find your next behavioral health position, contact us today at (513) 651-9500 or by email at info@psychpros.com. 

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