5 Useful Apps for Mental Health Professionals

Working as a behavioral health professional is your dream. Helping patients fulfills you, so you want to see as many people as possible each day. However, there’s only one of you, so you need to find ways to be more efficient. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of apps for behavioral health professionals, offering assistance with everything from patient medication to dictation.

Here’s a look at five apps that will help make your day easier. 

DSM-5 Diagnostic Criteria 

Offered by the American Psychiatric Association, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is designed to help diagnose and classify mental disorders. Currently, in its fifth edition, this app offers fast access to key DSM criteria and codes. Enjoy complete offline access to the criteria sets, and online access to supporting videos, commentary, and resources.  

The DSM-5 Diagnostic Criteria app is available for $69.99 for both iOS and Android devices. 


The Depression app offers a collection of top clinician-administered depression assessment scales. Take advantage of logical, easy-to-use scales  i.e., Hamilton Depression Rating Scales, Manic-State Rating Scale, Hamilton D7 Rating Scale, Clinical Global Improvement, Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale, Patient Health Questionnaire  in one convenient location. The app also offers several other useful features, such as PIN protection for security, patient results management, and automatic email generation. 

Enjoy free access to the Depression app, but it’s only available for iOS devices. 

Drugs.com Medication Guide 

Get drug information, identify pills, check interactions, and create your own personal medication records on the Drugs.com Medication Guide app. Enjoy access to in-depth consumer information, FDA alerts, drug interactions, and food, allergy, and medical condition interactions. The app even offers offline support. Assets such as the Q&A feature allow you to search thousands of questions and answers to find answers to specific medication questions, making patient care a lot easier. 

The Drugs.com Medication Guide is available for free on iOS and Android devices. Access upgraded features for a fee. 


Turn your device into a professional recorder with uDictate. Enjoy features found in high-end digital recorders, making it easier to do your job. Some of the highlights include the ability to insert, overwrite, and append operations, review and edit an existing dictation, compatibility with many file types  PCM, AAC, IMA4 — the ability to mark a file as rush or urgent, and a voiceactivated recording option.  

uDictate is available for iOS devices for $8.99. 

PAR Toolkit 

Take advantage of the many features offered by the PAR Toolkit app, including a PAR Product Finder, which allows you to browse the product catalog and place an order directly from your device. PARiConnect integration also makes it possible to link your PARiConnect account to review reports, update and adjust client information, and make client notes. Some of the other features include access to free score conversion modules, blogs and videos, conference and webinar schedules, and links to the company’s social media pages. 

The PAR Toolkit is available for free on Android and iOS devices. 

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