5 Strategies for Developing and Promoting an Attractive Work Culture

Your work culture naturally develops within your organization. It guides your employees on the behaviors, expectations, and important issues that are part of your company’s current ecosystem. This is why you need to pay attention to your work culture every day. You want to reinforce positive employee behaviors and attitudes in order to cultivate a rewarding work experience. Being intentional in promoting your company’s mission, vision, and core values helps shape the work culture that helps your employees thrive.

Discover five ways to create and promote a desirable work culture within your organization.

1. Promote Diversity and Inclusion

Provide a welcoming atmosphere that celebrates employees of all backgrounds. For instance, ask your employees to share their pronouns with the team to promote inclusive language. Also, talk with leadership about creating a committee to implement diversity initiatives. Additionally, work with HR to prioritize diversity in your company’s hiring strategy.

 2. Clarify Your Departmental Goals

Write down the objectives of your team so your employees know what they are working toward. This outline serves as a guide for individual performance. It also promotes collaboration among your team members. Include the flexibility to implement feedback that may require quotas and key performance indicators (KPIs) to be adjusted.

3. Prioritize Respect

Make sure every employee within your organization feels valued and heard. This includes interns, who can do more than just busy work, and new employees, who bring fresh perspectives to benefit your company. Make sure everyone has opportunities to share their thoughts and develop their ideas. This lets your team to provides additional value to your organization.

4. Encourage Employee Feedback

Ask your team members for constructive feedback on your performance. They can provide suggestions for how you can help them develop their own skills and abilities to improve their productivity. You also can use the feedback to promote open communication to improve your team’s success. Plus, implementation of the feedback encourages your team members to stay loyal to your organization. Knowing they have influence over what happens shows they are important assets for your company.

5. Implement an Employee Recognition Program

Recognize and reward your team members for their outstanding contributions and results. Be sure to include verbal, written, private, and public praise. Also, provide bonuses, raises, or promotions when appropriate. This helps your employees feel like valued members of your organization. It also cultivates friendly competition, which encourages them to continue to perform at high levels.

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