5 Body Language Tips to Land the Job

Saying all the right things will get you far in a job interview, but that alone won’t get you hired. Savvy candidates know how they carry themselves speaks volumes. If your mouth says one thing, but your body says another, you won’t convince anyone of your fit.

The nonverbal cues you send the hiring manager will make or break your chances of getting hired, so learn how to properly present yourself. Here’s some advice to help you get it right.

Arrive Ready to Shine

Many candidates make the mistake of thinking their interview begins when they sit down in the hot seat, but that isn’t the case. You’re under scrutiny from the moment you arrive on the premises, so behave accordingly.

Stand up tall and walk with confidence, smile at people in the elevator, and make solid eye contact when speaking with anyone. You never know who will report their experience with you to the hiring manager.

Ditch the Baggage

Carrying too many items into the interview can cause you to appear disorganized. Avoid this by consolidating everything — i.e., resume, notepad, pen, any personal articles — into one bag. Leave anything you don’t need in the car, so you’ll look polished and professional, instead of frazzled and chaotic.

Get the Right Angle

This might sound a bit odd, but research has shown sitting directly across from someone can cause you to remember less of the conversation and have negative feelings toward the other person. You don’t want the hiring manager to experience this phenomenon, so position your body at a slight angle during the interview.

Know When to Smile

You know you’re supposed to smile in a job interview, but when you choose to do so can make a huge difference. Smiling too much can make you appear weak, so less is more. It’s best to smile when you meet the interviewer while discussing topics you’re enthusiastic about and after the interview. You’ll give off a friendly vibe while appearing calm and collected.

Be Spatially Appropriate

The amount of space you take up during the interview speaks volumes. Crossing your legs or folding your arms across your chest decreases your body size, sending the message you’re insecure or insincere. Relaxing your body makes you appear confident and trustworthy.

With that said, relaxing so much that you’re taking up excess space can also work against you. Especially an issue with males, draping an arm over a couch or manspreading can send make you seem aggressive. Just as you’re conscious of what you say during a job interview, it’s also important to pay close attention to your body language, to ensure you’re sending the right message.

Finding the right fit your skills and interests isn’t easy, so allow the experts to guide your search for a rewarding new career opportunity.  If you would like to learn more about how we can help you find your next behavioral health position, contact us today at (513) 651-9500 or by email at info@psychpros.com.

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